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Blog: Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

How do you exercise your mental muscle?

Most of us know that exercise is good for our physical health, but we don’t recognize it as a significant factor that contributes to our mental wellness. On May 15, 2019, Abbotsford Senior Secondary School embarked on their first ever school-wide mental wellness day for the student body. The focus of the day was based on the school acronym, PANTHERS (Proactive, Adaptive, Noble, Thoughtful, Honest, Engaged, Resilient, Self-aware). As the wellness day unfolded, this acronym was profoundly apparent. At 10:00 am, community leaders arrived at Abby Senior, where they were escorted to their respective classrooms by a staff member. Presenters included officers from the APD, TNT fitness, Master Lee’s Taekwondo, Abbotsford community services, Aboriginal centre, parallel yoga, nutmeg creation (improv), project climb, school staff and CYMH.

There were 31 options for wellness activities planned for the students that day. The activities focused on many different components of our health. Sessions were targeted at allowing each student an opportunity to try something new and gain a new perspective on how to cope with challenges they may face in life. The activities offered included taekwondo (focus on the mind and breaking habits), fitness training, soap making, mindfulness, therapy dogs, police dogs, police drone, climbing wall, aromatherapy, yoga, magician, painting with Bob Ross, rocking painting etc.

Around the school, students and staff engaged in many conversations around mental wellness.  Presenters also provided positive feedback about the connections they made with students as they discussed their own wellness. Overall, the event made for a more open space to talk about what is really going on within our school and in our students’ lives.

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