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Blog: Friday, December 21st, 2018

Innovation & Learning

Innovation and learning are some of the key markers of the organizational culture of districts that have embraced an approach to exploring deeper learning opportunities for students. As our new curriculum is being implemented, our IB Business department is partnering with other departments to run a full-time business in the school. After some discussion, the idea of the “Abby Grind Coffee Company” came to life.

Running the coffee and beverage shop will give students a real-life experience on how to build, market and manage a full-time business within the parameters of the district policies. They will need to source suppliers and be able to market their products while operating the business on a day to day basis.

Deeper learning leaves behind the “anemic texts, chalk, and talk lectures, and fill-in-the-blanks workbooks of an earlier age” and moves teaching and learning toward an environment rich with opportunities.  Martinez describes it as a “chance to understand and use complex materials, communicate incisively, plan and organize their work, solve mathematical and scientific problems, create ideas and products, and use new technologies in all these pursuits.”  A Project like the “Abby Grind Coffee Shop” accomplish just what Martinez is talking about.

We are excited to see where the students will take the concept of the coffee company, and the real-world skills they will develop. Stay tuned and drop by for a coffee!

Rob Comeau, Principal