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News: Friday, January 7th, 2022

Abbotsford Senior Secondary: Enhanced Safety Measures: January 2022

 Abbotsford Senior Secondary: Enhanced Safety Measures: January 2022 


The following measures will be operational for all on-campus learning at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School effective Monday, January 10, 2022. As we are bound to follow the PHO and K-12 Health Guidelines, staff and student safety take priority over all other considerations. 


  • All staff, students and essential visitors are required to always wear a mask while indoors. 
  • The exception to mask wearing is when seated for the purposes of eating, and for medical exemptions. 
  • All staff will be asked to review the proper fit of masks with their students. 
  • All staff, students, essential visitors are expected to observe healthy hand hygiene upon entry, after washroom use, and prior to and after eating. 
  • Daily cleaning/disinfection will continue throughout campus as usual. 


  • All staff, students, essential visitors are required to complete a daily health check (posted on front doors). 
  • All staff students, essential visitors are asked to stay home when experiencing symptoms of illness or when asked to self-isolate. 


We will have 3 entry and exit doors. The front doors, Heritage wing doors and Sweeney Center doors. 

  • Students are asked to enter the exterior door closest to their first period classroom. The same will be apply to afternoon dismissal- students will be asked to leave by the door closest to their classroom. 
  • Students who arrive late to school may enter through the front doors, as all exterior doors apart from the front doors will be locked by 8:30 am 


  • Classroom configurations will make maximum use of space available. 
  • Students should not be seated face-to-face, where possible. 


  • All hallways have a “stay right” direction of travel, with signage. 
  • Lunch service from our Pro Cook program will continue  but it will be staggered  lunches to limit  students congregating.  


  • All visitors are limited to those who are deemed ESSENTIAL to student learning and/or health. 
  • All visitors must adhere to safety protocols. (masks, hand sanitize, health check). 


  • School gatherings, assemblies, events are now shifted to virtual platforms. 
  • Multi-school tournaments are paused until further notoice. 
  • Interschool school sports can occur. One game at a time and then the gym is cleared for next game.  
  • No spectators are allowed for any events. 


  • The staff are deciding on the best schedule to use for the rest of semester one. It will be effective from January 10 and will include an extended third period to  accommodate a staggered lunch to reduce crowding. We will post the new schedule on Saturday after staff have had their input. 
  • The third period will be broken into three sessions: one for each floor to receive a 40- minute lunch.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school. Teachers can be reached by email - all staff emails are listed on the website under the "Our School" tab; .  Counsellors for the following Alpha by last name:

  • A - G  Rick Funk (filling in for Mrs. Mackenzie)
  • H - P  Mike de Wit
  • Q - Z  Paul Peters


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