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News: Tuesday, October 12th, 2021

Upcoming Events

PAC Meeting Postponed
The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meeting scheduled for this evening has been postponed and will be held instead on Tuesday, November 9th @ 6:30pm on Zoom. 

P/T Interviews Oct. 21
Semester One Parent/Teacher Interviews are scheduled for Thursday, October 21st. Students do not attend school on this day. The majority of Abby Senior teachers use digital portfolio software to keep you updated on your child's progress and achievement. Before Oct. 21st please check online to see how your child is progressing. Some others will be sending you a written interim report of your child's achievement to date.
If teachers are concerned with your child's performance they will contact you and schedule a telephone interview through School Appointments. 

Professional Development Day Oct. 22
On Friday, October 22nd Abby Senior will be having a Professional Development Day. Students do not attend on this day.