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Parent/Teacher Conferences

Dear Abby Senior Families,

October 22,2020 has been set aside as Parent Teacher Interview day with your student's teachers between 8:15 am and 2:30 pm. There will be no school for students on that day. As we are dealing with COVID 19 protocols, there will be no face to face meetings.  

Teachers may have already communicated with you on your child’s progress through email, phone calls, check my progress and meetings. If you need to further meet with your child’s teacher, please follow the instructions below or go to our website for detailed instructions on how to book a meeting. 

We will be using an online appointment booking system. You will have the option of choosing to conference with your teacher via telephone or virtually on a Google Meet or Zoom. The meetings are scheduled for 8 minutes each.  

To book an appointment:

1) Go to our school appointments web site:
2) Register for an account by clicking the "CLICK HERE TO REGISTER" menu tab (on the right side of the screen) and filling in the on-line form.  Choose a user id and password for yourself and then click the "Register Now" button.
3) Add your children into the system by clicking the "Add a Student" button.  Click "Insert New" button to add more children.
4) Click the "date" icon beside each child's name to schedule appointments.  Select the staff you wish to book appointments with and the "View Calendars" button.  Use the "Ctrl" or "Command" key to select multiple staff to view at the same time.
5) Click on available time slots to book your appointments to make your bookings.

If you need to change your appointment, please let the teacher know.  In addition, if you choose to meet with the teacher virtually, you will be given a link to access. On the day of your appointment, use the link to meet with the teachers. Please do not join your meeting before your time, as the teacher will not be able to "admit" you to the meet until your time. This is to allow the previous family their full meeting time. There is time built into the schedule to allow for one family to sign off, and the next to join. 

Please ensure that when you book an appointment, you include your child's name. The program will be available to book an appointment between Saturday, October 17 at 9 am to Wednesday, October 21 at 12 pm. If you are having difficulty navigating the program, please contact the school office at 604-853-3367 to get help.

Thank you for your understanding as we seek to partner with you, while also following COVID protocols and keeping everyone safe. We look forward to a new way of having these valuable conversations this year.



Abby Senior Staff