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International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme has been identified as a district academic programme that provides innovative education and world class learning opportunities to students.  Highly motivated and academic secondary students in School District #34 have equal access to this internationally renowned programme.  It offers a structured scholastic curriculum from grade 9 (Pre-Diploma) through to grade 12 (IB Diploma) for versatile, accomplished and intrinsically-driven learners.  IB includes challenging, scholarly, and global experiences within a supportive environment.

The IB programme is recognized throughout North America as equivalent to first year university courses.  Students who score well in IB subjects may receive university credit for their efforts.

To assist in the academic transition to the Diploma Programme, Abbotsford Senior Secondary School offers Pre-Diploma 9 and 10 courses in English, French, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science.  Each Pre-Diploma class includes material required for the BC Ministry of Education course, but because of the selected nature of the students, the learning environment is distinctly different, and more emphasis is placed on higher level skills including analysis, research, writing, problem-solving, and working in cooperative groups.  Prospective IB diploma students should complete all Pre-Diploma courses offered.

In the senior years, students ideally choose to complete the entire IB Diploma.  This requires completion of 6 IB subjects including: two languages (English & French), one social science (History or Business Management), one experimental science (Biology, Chemistry, or Physics), Mathematics, and one other subject (any one from the previous list or Visual Arts).  The IB Diploma also requires the Theory of Knowledge course and the completion of an independent 4000 word research essay, as well as a commitment to creativity, activity and service endeavors (CAS).

Some students may take only a few IB subjects and complete other graduation and post-secondary requirements in regular Ministry courses as an alternative to the full IB Diploma.  These students are known as IB Diploma Course students.




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