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Counselling/Career Department



Abby Senior has divided the school alphebetically by last name into three sections.  Your counsellor is assigned to you according to your last name.  The easiest way to see a counsellor is to come in to the Counselling Centre and personally arrange a time to meet with your counsellor.  Please be sure to have your teachers permission if it is during class time.

Mrs. Bonnie Mackenzie

Mrs. Paula Thompson

Mr. Paul Peters

Career Facilitator

Mr. Tom Grell                                                      

  • Career Programs applications, Work Experience, Youth Work In Trades

International Baccalaureate Coorinator

Mr.Michael Keeley                                              

Career Advisor

Ms. Stephanie Doan                                           

Student Records and Registration

Mrs. Barbara Glenn                                            

Please request transcripts by mailing me.  Include your legal name at time of graduation, your birthdate, and the year you graduated in your email.


Reporting (Report Card)

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