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Blog: Thursday, January 13th, 2022

Career Programs for Students Adapting and Thriving

Abbotsford Senior Secondary School is home to three outstanding industry-approved career training programs. These programs enroll students from all secondary schools in Abbotsford and prepare them for certification as Apprentices, plus their high school graduation.

  • The Carpentry Program, taught by Peter Klose, requires one semester to complete. It begins in September of each year.
  • The Hairdressing Program, taught by Nadia Moore, requires two semesters to complete. It begins in February of each year.
  • The Professional Cook Program, taught by Chef Scott Roberts and his assistant Kelsey Jones, enrols students in both September and February of each year. It has two certifications: Professional Cook One requires two semesters to complete, and Professional Cook Two requires one additional semester to complete.

At the upcoming conclusion of semester one on January 28th, seventeen students will be successfully completing Carpentry, nine students will be successfully completing Hairdressing, three students will be successfully completing Professional Cook 1 and one student will be successfully completing Professional Cook Two. Congratulations to these students for their perseverance and adaptability!

Like everyone involved in school this year they have adjusted to a multitude of disruptions that have impacted how and when they have been able to engage in their learning. Thank you to the staff of these programs for their tireless work on behalf of their students. Without them and without the outstanding support of Tom Grell, our School Career Facilitator, and the staff in our district’s Career Programs Department, these specialty programs could not have adjusted to meet both the requirements of COVID-19 health and safety protocols and the ongoing requirements for industry certification.

The Carpentry, Hairdressing and Professional Cook Programs provide invaluable opportunities for secondary students throughout Abbotsford and provide real value to the student experience at Abbotsford Senior Secondary. To learn more about Career Programs for Abbotsford students please visit

Principal, Abbotsford Senior Secondary School