Online Report Cards

For Abbotsford Senior Secondary Students

Student Report Cards are posted on the student portal of MyEd BC.  Report cards will be available for viewing/downloading for 3-4 weeks after posting.  Report Cards are posted at the end of each Semester.  Be sure to download the Report Card PDF if you wish to keep it in your files.    If needed, here are Instructions for viewing and downloading.

Basically, you log onto your MyEd BC account, and choose the top tab on the left of your screen called PAGES.  On the right half of the screen you will see a green bar with Published Reports on it.  Below you will see the PDF of your report card. 

NOTE: In Abbotsford we only use the Student Portal for MyEd BC.  Both you and your child need to access the same account.  Please talk to your child to get the Login number and the Password.

Abby Sr Students only:  If you are having difficulties logging in to MyEd please come and see Mrs. Glenn in the counselling office.